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I clean your karma through a variety of techniques so you can feel more calm, clear and balanced. See below for which modality resonates with you.

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Masks can be a form of an identity shield. At times they can help us feel safe and protected however they can become crutches and by wearing them all the time we may even forget who we truly are. Through art, we can gently wash away these masks to reveal the true essence of our soul. Reveal your true nature now with Alchemical Art Therapy.

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Have you been trying to let go of what is holding you back but can’t seem to do it? If so, then perhaps a Shamanic Healing is for you. By connecting you with one of your power animals you will be infused with strength and ready for what’s to come next. Donna will then coax heavy, dark and dense energies out so they can be pulled from your energetic field.

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Do you need some rest and relaxation? Are you seeking peace and calm? If so, you would benefit from a Reiki healing. It is a very gentle yet powerful system of energy healing that floods your system with love and light. Most feel peaceful, relaxed and rejuvenated after these sessions. Book a session today to release the burdens you've been carrying.

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Did you know that everyone has psychic Gifts? It’s true. Even You! In these healing sessions Donna will be your oracle, read the cards for you and will teach you how to do it too. You will be empowered to see the messages presented so that you can move forward from a place of strength and courage. After, you will receive a healing guided by the cards.

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The Three Step Approach To
Clearing Karma and Healing

Please be ready to be a participant in this process. You need to be ready and willing to work on yourself in order to optimize this healing. It’s a two person job.

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We will gently clear out what no longer serves you in your physical and energetic bodies. Your job is to release these energies.

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Now, we bring in the light, so to speak. This higher frequency energy that is brought forth will nourish and support you.

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Then, we seal up and fortify your auric field using a variety of methods such as Reiki, crystal technology, sound and sacred light codes.

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