Psychic Empowerment Readings


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Work with Donna and receive wisdom and guidance from the cards so that you can navigate your life lessons with ease and grace. Then receive an energetic clearing directed by the information the cards revealed.

Before our Session:

• Set Sacred Space
• Get Clear on Your Questions
• If blocked a Clearing Meditation will be employed

During our Session:

• We ask and the cards reveal wisdom
• We decipher the intel then get to work on healing the issues that appear

After our Session:

• Cards are often selected again to validate the healing or to offer more guidance.
• Most feel a sense of peace and ease at this point.
• Clarity and wisdom often result on the topic at hand.

* Clear selection

Product Description

With Psychic Empowerment Readings we use the cards as a form of divination to inform the healing work we do.  They are a diagnostic tool; lab work so to speak. They indicate what is either required of you, if you’d like to evolve or they illuminate what will mostly likely occur if you stay on the same path as you are on.  If you are not pleased with what is revealed, then you can change the outcome by adjusting your course of action. Empower yourself today and allow this divination tool to guide you on your path resulting in more clarity, purpose and joy

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15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min


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