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About Donna's Trainings:

As we unravel the many mysteries that make us who we are, we may experience a homecoming of sorts. Allow Donna to assist you on this journey of self-discovery through a number of trainings that will help lead you home. All of Donna’s sessions are fun, innovative, revelatory and inspiring.

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Reiki Trainings:

• Reiki Certification Programs (all levels)
• Reiki Booster Attunements
• Attunement for Peace - for Self Healing


Protection Practices:

• Use Herbs and Crystals to Protect
• Assemble a Team of Power Animals
• Dissolve Cords, Hooks and Implants


Journey Work:

• Journey to the Karmic Board for Resolutions
• Journey to DNA to Heal Ancestral Karma
• Meet Your Ancestors in the Etheric Realms
• Akashic: explore Past, Present and Future
• Journey to the Halls of Amenti
• Atlantian Stargate Journey - The Golden Age


The Cosmic:

• Explore your Spiritual DNA
• Receive Guidance from Key Star Races
• Awaken Light Language within You


Manifestation Trainings:

• Manifest with the Power of Lightning
• Reprogramming with Affirmations
• Quantum Spoon Bending


Shamanic Practices:

• How to Make a Mesa: A Medicine Bundle
• Munay Ki 13th Rite of the Womb Ceremony
• Sacred Cocoa Ceremony and Journey
• Shamanic Journey Work to Unseen Realms
• Candle Magick


Psychic Skills:

• Awaken your Psychic Skills
• How to Read Oracle Cards and Employ various Methods of Divination


Creation Trainings:

• Magical Vision Board Parties
• Plant Spirit Medicine Making
• Create Healing Mists and Oils


Alternative Healings:

• Heal with 3 Powerful Hindu Goddesses
• Cast Out Demons with the Scorpian Goddess
• Heal Your Wounded Archetypes
• Fountain of Youth Activation: Metatron’s Cube
• Journey into the Soul
• Eleusinian Mystery School Sacred Clearing

Frequently Asked Questions :

Class durations vary with each training.  Some are simply an hour others are 5-hours in length.  We can however customize these sessions to some extent to serve your needs.

These trainings can be offered individually or in a group setting.  Generally the rate for a group training is less per person so many folks like to get a group together.  Otherwise the rate for the classes is $111/hour.

Many of the trainings do inlude some from of meditation exercise and/or activation so you may be tired afterwards.  You will recieve a lot of information through many different channels and not just mentally.  It is recomeded to take some quiet time afterwards to integrate what’s been downloaded.  Many folks also receive wonderful insights as well so it’s a great time to journal.

YES!  Most of the listed trainings can be done via Skype or over the phone.

Love Notes from Our Clients



✓ Reveal Your Soul’s Purpose
✓ Reawaken Dormant Gifts
✓ Reclaim what is Rightfully Yours

Heal Yourself

✓ Learn, Expand, Explore
✓ Enter into the Mystery
✓ Have an Adventure

Heal Others

✓ As you Heal Others, You Heal
✓ Tune into the Infinite
✓ Explore your Inner Landscape

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When the student is ready the teacher appears. Allow Donna to provide you with tools and techniques to support your growth. You'll be glad you did!

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