Revitalize Your Spirit

Retreat to Sunny Florida

Palm Beach Gardens, FL - 2021

About the Retreat


About the Retreat

Donna’s retreats are a means to get to know yourself in a deeply profound way. They emphasize self-care, nourishing the soul, deep healing and quite a bit of light-hearted fun. Her retreats cultivate feelings of peace, contentment and joy which promotes inner radiance.

Retreat Benefits:

• Greater Self-Awareness

• Clarity of Purpose

• Infusion of Peace, Light and Love

• Expanded Consciousness

• Release of Pains, Burdens, Anger

• Unforgettable Memories

Is this for you?

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Who's the retreat for?

This retreat is for anyone who wants to look inside of themselves for answers, to locate what might be missing in their lives, and to also appreciate what has always been there.

Donna is guided to teach to the students that show up. In other words, the teachings will vary based upon the group and will be relevant to all.

Ideal for people searching for:

• Soothed Mind

• Nourished Soul

• Pampered Body

• Connection with Nature

• Enhanced Psychic Abilities

• Diminished Stress and Tension

• Increased Awareness

• Self Appreciation

• Expansion of Consciousness

• Respite from Daily Pressures

• Joy, Bliss, Freedom and Fun!!

About The Itinerary

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Retreat Activities

Activities vary based upon the destination. These are just a sampling of what may be included:

• Yoga

• Hiking

• Explore Sacred Sites

• Reiki and Sound Healings

• Crystalline Facial Sessions

• Telekinesis Activation

• Power Animal Retrievals

• Guided Meditations

• Plant Spirit Medicine Making

• Akashic Record Reviews

• Awaken Your Psychic Gifts Class

• Light Language Activations

• Shamanic Journeys

• Oracle Readings

• Chakra Balancing

• Aromatherapy

Everything Included

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What's included in the Package?

Each retreat varies so please review the PDF attached above for the details of each retreat.

• All Teachings

• Workbooks and Class Notes

• Sacred Ceremonies

• Individual Healings

• Group Healings

• Activations

Common Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each retreat varies so please review the PDF attached above for all the details for each trip.

Each retreat varies and once booked a packing list will be sent to you.  You will however need a jounal for all retreats.

This information will be included with a welcome packet full of information about the retreat.

Yes, travelers insurance is highly advisable to get as the retreat fees are non-refundable.


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