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About Alchemical Art Readings

Alchemical Art is a form of energy healing where art is employed as a tool of transformation. As I create your art piece, energy that no longer serves you is ushered out and transmuted. I then place healing energy into the spaces created via color therapy, sound healing, crystal technology and sacred healing codes.


Benefit From Alchemical Art

The art pieces created will allow you to witness the healing process. You will see how energies present, get shifted and then transmuted to allow for great healing.

✓ Promotes Spiritual Growth
✓ Supports Personal Evolution
✓ Develops Self Awareness
✓ Helps us to Gain Insights

✓ Releases Karma and Pain
✓ Encourages Creative Thinking
✓ Helps to Explore Emotions
✓ Can Nourish Your Soul

✓ Provides a Map of Traumas
✓ Can Reveal Past Life Issues
✓ Feel Clean, Clear and Light
✓ Experience Deep Release

Love Notes From Our Clients


The Transformative Process

We will work together and I'll keep you posted as I proceed. Many feel the clearings as I create and at a minimum, you will "see" what is being addressed and healed.

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Set Your Intention

After a discussion with the client, a strong intention is set for how the art will support and manifest the healing. We then surrender this intention and know that what will emerge is most important at this time. That’s the confusing part sometimes. We still need to set super clear and strong intentions and then allow grace to come in and do her thing even if it's not what we had in mind.

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I Get to Work and You Allow

As I work, I place myself into a trance and utilize sacred symbols and codes that I embed into the art. The movements and brush strokes are what move the energy. Doorways are opened to allow dark, dense energies to leave so that healing energy has room to flood in and nourish your system. This healing energy is manifested by using crystals, herbs, therapeutic oils, sacred waters, color therapy, and sound healing.

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At times, I’m called to burn the art in the fire of transformation. In this case, we must remember that Alchemical Art is about transmuting what no longer serves in order to bring in higher vibrations to elevate you. While the process is in part about the art, the higher purpose is to engage the art and utilize it as a tool of transformation. It's an instrument for healing to assist your personal evolution.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Could be an hour, days or weeks. If I’m guided to place crystals on the piece for healing I generally let them sit and “cook” for an added infusion of healing.

The types of mediums are: pen, paint or finger painting digitally.
This process can feel like a sweeping action moving through and around you.  Because I also draw the dark energies up and out, the process may not feel too good. You may have a temporary moment of nausea but it is part of the process and moves up and out quickly.  I liken it to a juice cleanse; we dislodge the toxins, draw them up and sweep them away.  All in all clarity, peace, lightness and deep insights generally result.
Generally no but you will receive snapshots of the process so you can “see” how the energy is being cleared and healed. I will often rip up the art work as I proceed as a way of shifting the energy.  Sometimes I am even guided to burn and/or bury the pieces by utilizating the power of the elementals.  They can be incredible helpers and allies in our transformation.

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Alchemical Art is about transmuting what no longer serves in order to bring in higher vibrations to elevate you. Ready to rid yourself of old energy and transform?

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