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About Psychic Readings

Work with Donna and receive wisdom and guidance from the cards. You will be empowered to make meaning out of what is revealed in order to navigate your life lessons with ease and grace. An energetic clearing is also part of this session along with an infusion of reiki healing energy. Please Note: Donna is not a “fortune teller” and you will not be “told” what to do. She will use the cards as a divination tool to help guide you on your path.


How You Can Benefit
From A Psychic Reading

This service is perfect for those who want to sharpen their extrasensory perception, who are curious about reading the language of the universe and who choose to learn, grow and heal.

✓ Heightens Creativity
✓ Connects you to your Higher Self
✓ Helps to Navigate your Life Gracefully
✓ Connects you with Your Spirit Guides

✓ Hones your Intuition
✓ Validates your Inner Knowing
✓ Provides Support and Guidance
✓ Sharpens your Intuition

✓ Empowers you to Walk your Destiny Path
✓ Provides Clarity and Wisdom
✓ Brings to Light Issues you’ve Denied
✓ Offers Peace of Mind

Love Notes From Our Clients


The Transformative Process

We will read the messages which will provide profound insights leading to deep healing.

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Set Sacred Space and Get Clear

We set sacred space in order to get grounded, be respectful and stay safe. Clarity is key when engaging with the cards so we work together to get very clear on what it is you seek answers to. Your choice of words matter, so we choose them wisely. If you'd like to remain open and see what comes that is acceptable as well. We just state it as such.

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Read in Code and Receive Guidance

Donna will interpret the messages via the cards and she will teach you how to read them as well. Since we are meaning making machines often times what you end up “seeing” is quite profound. Under her gentle guidance and protection you will be empowered to tap into your inner wisdom and thereby strengthen your intuition.

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Integrate and Heal

At times, a card may bring to light a particular challenge we are dealing with or one that might be coming our way. In this case, we can address these issues and focus on healing them. This is not to say that you will be spared the experience however this process can provide relief and a more optimal perspective so lessons can be learned and not repeated.

IMPORTANT : There are no "bad" cards

Please know that there are no bad cards. All messages received are for your personal growth and development. There are always cycles in life (ups and downs) and cards offer guidance, wisdom, provide perspective and can be great counsel. They can also be a prescription of sorts, guiding you to a specific energy frequency for you to call upon or embody. This way you can manage your life with more ease and grace.

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As we all know, knowledge is power. These readings will help you gain a great perspective on what's to come.

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