Glow Like A Goddess

With Crystalline Facial Rejuvenation

About Crystalline Facial Rejuvenation

Enjoy the benefits of crystal technology combined with Reiki, Light Codes and guided meditation in this Beauty Treatment designed to rejuvenate and heal. As you relax, an array of crystals which have been purported to “erase” wrinkles, ease pain and calm redness will be gently placed on the face as a way to infuse the gemstone properties into your being.

Our focus will be on rejuvenation and healing, softening fine lines and stimulating collagen production. A guided meditation will be part of this treatment so that you are a participant in the healing process thereby making this a more potent and empowering experience.


Benefit From A Crystalline Facial Treatment

This beauty treatment is not just skin deep. It penetrates and soothes beyond the physical. It will nourish your heart and soul.

✓ Smooths Fine Lines
✓ Energizes Tired Eyes
✓ Promotes a Clear Complexion
✓ Fosters Healthy Glowing Skin

✓ Calms Inflammation
✓ Relieves Tension in the Jaw
✓ Reawakens your Skin’s Vitality
✓ Excellent as Preventive Care

✓ Promotes Confidence
✓ Creates Peace and Calm Within
✓ Feel Brighter and Lighter
✓ Allows you to Shine Bright!

Want to Amplify This Treatment?

To amplify this treatment Donna can offer you an "Activation" so you can access a healing frequency yourself and administer self-treatments. This activation will then flow through your hands, similar to how Reiki energy is offered. This particular activation will induce a peaceful state. Use it on your face and in any situation that arises where the energy of "peace" is needed. ** This activation can also. be offered anytime and booked separately.

20 Min add on: $88

Love Notes From Our Clients


The Transformative Process

When you let go of stress and tension it shows. You will feel it release from within you and lift off of your face so much so that you glow.

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Intention Setting

As always, we work together to set an intention to establish what the optimal results of the treatment will be for you. Intentions could include letting go of the unknown, releasing fear, forgiving yourself and others, freeing old traumas that are being revealed on the face (like grief) and infusing your entire being with peace. Then you simply relax and let go...

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I will begin to extract any burdens that you carry. For example, grief can be expressed on the face as various lines on the chin and acne can result from anger. I work on all levels especially on the emotional level to heal these wounds and to restore balance and harmony to the system. Over time, this work can soften and potentially clear the outward expression of these emotions on the face.

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The Infusion Process

After we remove what does not serve we infuse you with high-frequency energy via Reiki, sound healing instruments to tone the body (called body tuners) and with crystal technology. All of these technologies carry various energies that will elevate, nourish and heal you on many levels. This, in turn, will show up on your bright, beautiful and radiant face.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Most report that they feel lighter, more relaxed and that their face looks more serene.  Eyes can also brighten.

All ages can benefit, especially teens who are experiencing trouble with their skin.

This treatment works best when done multiple times and when the client is willing to implement the meditation exercise that accompanies this treatment.

Crystals vary based upon each client’s needs.  I do typically use selenite, however.

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