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In the Works - 2023

About Our Retreats

Donna’s retreats are a means to get to know yourself in a deeply profound way. If you are reading this, it's time to do some inner healing work and to nourish your soul. Peace, contentment, inner radiance and joy will follow and you will also have a magical and mystical adventure!


Who's the retreat for?

This retreat is for seekers; for those who are consciously on the path of enlightenment. It's for those who want to be amazed, enchanted and have fun along the way.

Are you searching for:

✓ Soothed Mind
✓ Nourished Soul
✓ Pampered Body
✓ Connection with Nature
✓ Respite from Daily Pressures

✓ Greater Self-Awareness
✓ Clarity of Purpose
✓ Infusion of Peace, Light and Love
✓ Diminished Stress and Tension
✓ Increased Awareness

✓ Expanded Consciousness
✓ Release of Pains, Burdens, Anger
✓ Self Appreciation
✓ Expansion of Consciousness
✓ Joy, Bliss, Freedom and Fun!!

Want to book a private, couples or group retreat?

Donna also leads one-on-one retreats and private groups to many of the sacred lands she has been in sacred communion with. Such as: Egypt, Scotland, Southwest France, Paris and of course at her home away from home, Sedona, AZ.

Love Notes From Our Clients

Retreat Activities

Activities vary based upon the destination. These are just a sampling of what may be included:

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Donna will lead daily group healings and will also work with you individually. The focus will be on revitalization, growth and awareness and may include the following types of sessions.

• Reiki and Sound Healings
• Shamanic Journeys
• Oracle Readings
• Chakra Balancing
• Aromatherapy

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Our Retreat locations are selected because of their ancient roots, sacred spaces and Donna's connection to these places. We will explore these lands first hand with the following types of activities.

• Hiking
• Explore Sacred Sites
• Ancient Ruins (when applicable)
• Museums (when applicable)
• Local Attractions and Shopping

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During our retreat, Donna will lead daily meditations and Reiki infused Yoga sessions on sacred lands with breathtaking scenery. You will be able to choose from the following meditations.

• Letting Go
• Beginners Mind
• Heart Opening
• Grounding Practices
• Alignment

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Did you know that everyone has psychic Gifts? It’s true. Even You! During our retreat workshop sessions, Donna will teach you how to open them with some of the following classes.

• Akashic Record Reviews
• Awaken Your Psychic Gifts Class
• Light Language Activations
• Telekinesis Activation
• Journey to Retrieve Your Gifts


The Transformative Process

Do you want to fast track your spiritual development, get clarity, find peace and joy but are unsure if you're ready? If so, read on and then you'll know what to do.

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Just Do It!

If you feel the tug of your heart to enlist in a sacred journey then make it happen. You are being presented with a spiritual gift of growth for your greater good. All you have to do is Act. If the journey calls to you, say YES and become the spiritual seeker and then be amazed as what’s revealed…

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Enjoy and Have Fun

Do you seek more joy? If so, join in. Your inner light will be turned up so you can shine and enjoy the gifts of this lifetime. Plus, Donna’s retreats are always fun. All you have to do is relax, be amazed, soak in the beauty of the land, enjoy the teachings, feel the energies and let everything fall into place.

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Integrate the Shift

It can take time to unpack what you’ve received from the land and the teachings. You will have shifted and these shifts take time to present within our physical form. So enjoy the process, meditate, contemplate, and journal. Then notice the clarity and blessings that result.

Frequently Asked Questions :

The packing list for each journey varies and you will recieve a list once you book.  Bring a journal though, you’ll want that for all the amazing insights that will be revealed.

Travel insurance is highly recommeded as there are no refunds.

You may be tired after a journey.  We work in many realms to exact great change and these shifts can take time to integrate.  If possible give yourself a few days to get back into your everyday life.  After being in very high-vibrational places on the Earth it can feel like walking through muck when you return home.  Donna will brief you on the re-integration process so you know what you can expect on re-entry and manage it with ease. After this process, you will be more clear, have a greater sense of purpose and will know yourself better than ever.

It’s a common practice NOT to make any big decisions at least 21 days after a journey. You will have shifted and these shifts take time to present within our physical form.  Give yourself time to adjust and nuture yourself.  Then get ready to up-level!

Ready To Book Your Retreat?

If so, get ready for some Transformational Travel!

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