Power Animal Retrievals

Step Into Your Power

About Power Animal Retrieval

Power animals are known as “helping spirits” and “animal allies”. They can also be viewed as simply high frequency energies that contain specific qualities that are designed to support you.

Indigenous people believe that we survive illness, accidents and the rigors of childhood because of the presence of our power animals. You see, they protect you; they’ve got your back. Over time, we often lose connection with these energies and when that occurs we may feel disempowered, depressed or feel a lack of vitality.


Benefits Received From a Power Animal Retrieval

This infusion is for anyone who is seeking to walk their path in an unwavering, steadfast and strong manner. This energy can assist you in feeling fortified and protected when you step out into the world and when you may typically feel unsure and nervous. It can help you to feel more confident and strong standing in your truth. It encourages more balance and promotes a fullness from within v.s. from external sources (like money, shopping, food, drugs and alcohol). It is also an amazing technique for anyone who wants to explore and amplify the power of their imagination. In other words it can heighten creativity.

✓ Connects you to your Inner Power
✓ Feel Supported on your Journey

✓ Promotes Balance & Harmony
✓ Restores Vital Energy

✓ Feel a Protective Force
✓ Experience Primal Wisdom

Love Notes From Our Clients


The Transformative Process

In these sessions, Donna will retrieve one of your power animals thru Shamanic Journey. Upon retrieval, the empowering energies brought forth will then be infused into you in the form of a placement. This way you can call upon and draw strength from these energies as needed. After the session it is very common for folks to notice images of their power animal in their everyday life. This is to validate the process and to let you know that they are indeed with you because you consciously hold that frequency now.

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Relax and Be Receptive

Release any expectations and be open to the mystery that unfolds. It’s best to lay down and close your eyes placing yourself in a meditative state. While this is not necessary, you will be more apt to receive your own wisdom as I journey to meet your power animal.

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Receive and Welcome

Once I met your power animal I will put them through a type of energetic clearing process before I infuse their energy into your system. Once done you may experience emotions akin to being reunited with an old friend or feel energetically enlivened.

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Integrate and Embody

Now you get to learn about the powerful energies that have been infused, which encompass physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. I will also share any messages I received. Then it’s up to you to learn more on your own and embody their powers!

Frequently Asked Questions :

Could be an hour, days or weeks. If I’m guided to place crystals on the piece for healing I generally let them sit and “cook” for an added infusion of healing.

The types of mediums are: pen, paint or finger painting digitally.
This process can feel like a sweeping action moving through and around you. Because I also draw the dark energies up and out, the process may not feel too good. You may have a temporary moment of nausea but it is part of the process and moves up and out quickly. I liken it to a juice cleanse; we dislodge the toxins, draw them up and sweep them away. All in all clarity, peace, lightness and deep insights generally result.
Generally no but you will receive snapshots of the process so you can “see” how the energy is being cleared and healed. I will often rip up the art work as I proceed as a way of shifting the energy. Sometimes I am even guided to burn and/or bury the pieces by utilizating the power of the elementals. They can be incredible helpers and allies in our transformation.

Ready To Meet Your Spirit Animal?

Did you know that we actually have many power animals that we have lost connection with? Being reunited with one of your power animals can be so helpful but perhaps you’d like to meet and integrate some of your other power animal’s energies as well? If so, consider aligning with a team. Most Shamans work with a powerful team and some martial artists merge with their power animals to fortify and strengthen their energy field during fights. Donna can retrieve others for you or she can teach you how to do it for yourself thru Shamanic journey. Shamanic journey will not only empower you, it can open the doorways for you to awaken your dormant psychic gifts and /or strengthen them.