Space Clearings and Blessings

Out with the Old ~ In with the Gold

About Space Clearings and Blessings

Space clearings and blessings harmonize and uplift the atmosphere in a home, business or any other location. There are many ways to clear a space and by tapping into my intuition before we meet I'll be guided as to which techniques and frequencies will do the job best. I primarily implement shamanic techniques to clear and I pull through high frequency codes to infuse blessings.


Benefits Received From Space Clearings and Blessings

A Space Clearing and Blessing will upgrade your space and will thereby set the foundation for you personally to be more peaceful, clear and balanced.

✓ Move stagnant energies out
✓ Bring clarity and focus where needed

✓ Infuse your home with love and peace
✓ Draw in energies to support and nurture

✓ Sleep more soundly
✓ Energetically design a home you LOVE

This service is for anyone who would like to upgrade the energy in their home and/or optimize their work environment. It is highly recommended when moving into a new home, selling a home and if there has been a loss in the family or a trauma it is essential.

Love Notes From Our Clients


The Transformative Process

Your space is an extension of you. It can be one that provides you with safety, security, nurtures and supports but when it's out of balance you can get out of whack too. Take the time to treat your space with love and kindness and in return, she will take care of you.

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The Interview

During this process I sit with the client and with the entire family at times to discuss the issues of the space and what they envision moving forward. We then create sacred space and begin…

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Stagnant energies that are cluttering up energetic pathways in the space are removed and entities are escorted out, if applicable. Land issues that may be contributing to disharmony are also addressed.

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The Blessing

After we clear, we infuse the space with high-frequency energies through sound healing, crystal technology, frequency coding, deep intention, prayer, Reiki and various other means.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Generally this service can be completed in one session, however I might be guided to conduct this process in 2 sessions. One being the clearing the other, the blessing. The clearing may require some additional time in order to take hold and integrate. This may be for a day or two or even a week. If there are entities and very thick energies I like to open the doors so to speak and allow them to leave on their own. Then I go back in and close them down and finalize with the blessing and infusing stage. Every space is unique and I treat it as such. I also code the home and property so that the healing continues as needed.  In this case, beneficial effects take place over time.
Pricing is dependent upon the size of the property and starts at $288 for 2-hours. This is a typical investment for a space of 2000 square feet. Additional time will be billed at $144/hour.
Most report that their space feels more harmonious and that family members and others even get along better. It may also feel brighter and bigger! By energetically cleaning and clearing, the space can feel more open, bright and light if that’s what you’re after. It may also end up feeling more like a home or private sanctuary.  It really depends upon your intention. That’s what directs the outcome.

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