The Longest Journey
It’s been said that the longest journey one can ever take is only 14 inches.  Yes, 14 inches!!  It’s 14 inches because that is the approximate distance from the head to the heart.  Most of us tend to live in our heads. We try to figure things out, we think, we ponder.  In other words we try to manipulate situations with our mental machinations and calculations.  We don’t necessarily do this in a nefarious way, but being calculative is a form of manipulation and as one of my teachers often reminds me; it keeps you from being in the moment.  Living in your head, which by the way has been where I’ve taken residence for many years, keeps you out of the present moment and that’s where the power is.


So consider moving from the head to the heart.  Take this journey to become more present in everything you do.  Join these two aspects of yourself and become more mindful (not mind “full”) heart centered and true.  Work towards living from a place of balance that is full of integrity and as a result experience joy, peace, inner strength and fullness.


How do I work towards this you ask??  Many ways of course and one is thru directed meditative action.  As my gift to you please enjoy a Free Meditation entitled “Journey into the Heart” which is intended to assist you on this journey.


Happy and Safe Travels,
The Golden Alchemist


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